Direct Neurofeedback

Direct Neurofeedback works to optimize brain functioning and improve the response of the nervous system. You can think of it like re-booting a frozen computer. It works by sending a tiny, imperceptible signal to the brain that causes a slight fluctuation in brainwaves.

Direct Neurofeedback uses information from 5 sensors that are placed on the head and then read by a computer. Then, based on the individuals brainwave patterns, a small imperceptible signal is sent back to the brain from the computer. While the signal strength itself is 1000 times weaker than an AA battery being held to your head, it is enough to cause a slight fluctuation in brainwaves which then allows frozen, dysfunctional brainwave patterns to be disrupted. This disruption then allows the brain to reorganize and get out of rigid, stuck patterns. Freed from these frozen patterns the brain reorganizes itself and produces greater self-regulation without the client having to actually “do” anything.

While Direct Neurofeedback has been sited to treat many disorders (see links below), it is not considered a treatment for any specific disorder. It works by decreasing the sympathetic nervous system response while increasing the parasympathetic nervous system response. The overall process of relaxing the nervous system increases the brain’s capacity for self-regulation and helps to improve problems arising from central nervous system dysfunction.

For more information and research studies please see the links below: